Hi guys! My name is Bùi Đức Hiệp (Bui Duc Hiep) – the owner of this small blog. I’m glad that you came here and supported me ^^

Nhatxu.com is a blog that I launched on 5/2022 and I want to share a lot of the ways to make money from the internet that I tried. Cuz I know there are many young people (students or fresh graduates). They want to make money online but they don’t know how to start it and they waste too much time and money. So I run this blog to write my own experience, sharing and updating some new methods to make more money from the internet.

I hope my blog will be trusted and helpful to my readers. I want you guys can make more money online and grow up your own business. Truly!

A little bit from myself!

I learned E-Commerce – at Vietnam Commercial University. When I was young and start to reach the internet I know that I really like this field. I made myself a small blog with Yahoo 360 platform and am very happy with that.

Bui Duc Hiep
Bui Duc Hiep

When I come to be a student I try to find out how to make money online from some MMO blog. I learn and work but I just make a small profit. By the way, I got a lot of experience in design, coding, and writing,… That was very useful for me later.

At this time I still working for a high-tech company and getting a good salary. Meanwhile, I got my own few personal projects and build this blog to raise my personal brand and connect with many more bloggers. Just what I like :v

Something more

I don’t know what to write more :)) If you want to contact me, try this form => Contact. Thank you for reading ^^